Backup Disk is not available

We have noticed a small number of users being affected from a Disk Not Available issue when first accessing Dolly Drive. If this happens to you please do the following.

1) Open Dolly Drive
2) Go to Dolly Drive Preferences and click on "Change Dolly Drive Account"
3) Quit Dolly Drive
4) Go to System Preferences -- Time Machine Preferences and make sure you stop any backup in process. 5)Then Press Select Disk & then press Do Not Backup
6) Re- Open Dolly Drive
6) Login the application and press Add Dolly Now.
7) Start the backup.

This message may also occur if you are behind a firewall that blocks our outbound connection. If you think this might be the case, contact for information on what firewall rules you might want to make to allow Dolly Drive's outbound encrypted connection.

You can send a ticket in to if the issue you is not resolved.