Purging Dolly Drive

In the rare case that you want to do a fresh start (purge and reload) of your data, Dolly Drive can be purged of its "memory" for a fresh backup. This typically is always along with Dolly Drive support and helping to make this the correct decision.

If you would like to reset your account we can do it on the server side - which should save you much time. There are a few things we need to do and confirm before resetting the account for you:

  1. Your Dolly Drive username and email address
  2. Disconnect from Dolly Drive
  3. Open Dolly Drive Preferences - Click "Change Dolly Drive Account"
  4. Open Time Machine Preferences - Turn OFF the automatic backup and set back up disk to "None"
  5. Open Keychain and delete the entry labeled "localhost" (This is optional but suggested)

Once this series is complete we will be ready to reset the account. Notify Dolly Drive support that you have completed the preparation and wait for the confirmation to re-initiate the new backup sequence.

Since you have chosen to perform a new/clean backup; depending on the size of your storage needs, please follow the suggested new backup protocol of gradually adding additional files to each successful backup through the Dolly Drive Inclusion Assistant.