iCloud & Dolly Drive's Backup

Is iCloud a backup Solution ?

This is a question we have seen a lot lately...

Dolly Drive is a great companion with iCloud for a few reasons. The iCloud service allows you to sync items between devices. So ... any Documents that is on your computer can then be synced to your iPad/iPhone over a 3G network.

The Services works in the same way that if am item is deleted on the computer them it will be deleted all on three devices.

The reason Why Dolly Drive makes such a great companion with iCloud, is that it serves as a back up solution for your Mac. If items are delete or corrupted on the computer Dolly Drive will allow you to recover your data from the Cloud. This way your digital life is still protected. So with Dolly Drive & iCloud you will have the ability to protect your data as well as sync it between all devices.