What is a Bootable Clone

The question from some users is what is a bootable clone and is it needed with an external backup? That is a GREAT question and one that clearly illustrates the completeness of Dolly Drive as a backup solution.

The answer is that a bootable clone is a necessity - one that every user should insist on. The external drive via Time Machine is just that - a local backup. The Dolly Drive bootable clone is that and more.

The bootable clone is a copy of your hard drive including all system files and a boot sector. In the event of a catastrophic failure of the internal drive, loss of a laptop or other external drive, you can simply plug in your bootable clone and run your digital life. You can also do a system restore from the bootable clone, add back the very up-to-the-minute cloud backup and you are back to normal.

We suggest a dedicated drive slightly larger than your internal drive or at least your used capacity. This drive can only be used for the clone drive and not other storage.

You can't do that with a simple external backup drive. Prior to Dolly Drive you had to combine multiple modalities to accomplish this. No more. We do it all for you.

This is a complete redundant backup solution to protect your valuable and irreplaceable archives.

Herre are the simple steps to cloning success:

  1. Use a dedicated drive for cloning. The clone process will over-write all data. Drives are cheap these days.
  2. Size of the clone drive should be equal to the internal drive or at least slightly greater than the used space on the drive
  3. Attach drive - open Dolly Drive and select "New Clone"
  4. Select "Source" - this is your internal drive (OS)
  5. Select "Destination" - this is your newly dedicated clone drive
  6. Select "Clone" - this will take about an hour on average
  7. Repeat weekly - the update process is quick and easy!