I just suffered a hard drive failure on my Mac

When a hard drive failures occurs there are several ways you can recover your failure with Dolly Drive, it depends on how you have used the Dolly Drive application this far.

Clone - Disaster Recovery

Have you produced a Clone backup ?

If you have used the clone functionality then you can immediately use your Computer with the external cloned hard drive even before going to the Apple Store to replace the internal. When you add the new drive, no need to do any installation. Just start computer from the Clone and do the following:

  • Enter Terminal.app in /Applications/Utilities
  • Type sudo update_dyld_shared_cache [ enter] [your passord (you will not see on the screen) ] [ enter ]
  • Start Dolly Drive App
  • Clone back from Clone drive to new drive
  • Start from new drive and use Dolly Drive to retrieve any files in the cloud

Cloud Time Machine Storage

  • Install Mac OS X on new Hard Drive
  • Download Dolly Drive from www.dollydrive.com login section
  • Restore your files from cloud.

With a Clone the ability to both continuing to work and backup while a disk is broken is incredible. And when ready with your new drive, the time to clone back is also very fast.

And remember don't hesitate to reach our support line