How do I cancel my Dolly Drive Subscription ?

First, we would like to better understand why you want to cancel.

Please email and request an appointment. Our team of professionals are well equipped to help with any needs that you have.

In many cases, you may have an older version or other simple fix.

However, if canceling is what you really want to do -

You can cancel your account by logging in to the Dolly Drive My Account page available from the Login tab at

Login to your account - remember, if you have family account the admin must cancel - and select the cancel option under the settings area. We will follow up from there.

Accounts cancelled within 10 Days of purchase will receive a full refund.

Note that some early accounts cannot be cancelled using this self-service tool. In the unlikely occurrence that you receive an error using the "Cancel Service" button in your My Account page, please contact and our support staff can manually cancel your account.