Time Machine completed verification of your backups - **Contact Support**

Occasionally Time Machine will display the message " Time Machine completed verification of your backups" and suggest that a new backup should be created. See Image:


This is a well documented Time Machine process. http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4076 - Time Machine has determined that the integrity of the backup may be suspect. Time Machine has determined that there may be corrupt data in the backup set and requests the user to allow a recreation of the backup set.

This is believed to be caused by a number of possible variables but is commonly thought to be a result of improperly stopping the backup or loss of connection to a network drive.

See Dolly Drive KB - "How to stop backing up" for the correct method to suspend your backups.

Resolution: If you see this message, contact support before proceeding. If you accept the request, Time Machine will replace the original backup and begin the process of building a new backup set. This is not necessary and we can help.

Prior to contacting support - logon to your Dolly Drive account on the website and change your password to a temporary password that you can share with support. Once the process is complete - you will need to change the password again. We need this to attempt a data repair for you.

With large data sets, this can be time consuming and in many cases, it can be avoided.